USB Rechargeable Vortex Protein Mixer


Experience the power of the vortex yourself by grabbing one of our vortex mixers.

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– Holds a maximum of 600ml – An ideal fill is 250 ml – 450 ml
– Includes a sports flip cap and a twist-seal lid that are perfect for on-the-
run nutrition
– The scientifically engineered blade preserves micronutrients for
improved protein performance
– Made from food-grade plastic that is BPA free
– Ultra stylish and discreet at the gym
– The ergonomic design is perfect for in the car or on-the-go
– The interior of this mixer is self cleaning – simply add water, a drop of
detergent and switch it on

Name : Promixx Mixer

Item No : 368-2
Box size : Width (9cm) x Length (11cm) x Height (24cm)
Weight : 360g
Available colors : Black, Pink, White
Inventory no : 101626


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