Armed Forces Rescue – Army Helicopter



Product Description :

  • FRICTION POWERED: Your little one will adore playing with this fun army helicopter! Just pull it back and watch it go! The helicopter will race forward, flashing lights and 3 blaring sounds as it speeds ahead. The helicopter is installed with a special friction mechanism on its wheels so that it can drive forward once your child pulls it back. it also has a retractable line and rescue basket that can be pulled up and down, with a press of a button the helicopter wings will rotate
  • GREAT FOR LITTLE KIDS: Let your child’s imagination run wild with this classic army helicopter. They can pretend to be a militray in a combat zone as they are at war and patrol. This helicopter is an excellent engineering toy, encouraging your child’s creativity and imagination. What will your little boy or girl build next? There are so many possibilities!
  • MAKES A PERFECT GIFT: Can’t think of a gift for your child? At Memtes, we’ve got you covered. They’ll be thrilled to see a cool army military helicopter! With classic green and black camo colors, your son, grandson, or daughter will feel like they’re the proud owner of an authentic army military helicopter. Gift it during their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion.
  • EASY TO PLAY WITH: One of the things that make this helicopter so fun is its wide versatility. Your child can use it outdoors while pretending as it flying in the air! Your child can also play with it inside.
  • DIMENSIONS: This helicopter measures 11.2” L x 5.5” H x 3.5” W, making it a convenient size. It has the perfect dimensions for storage. Just toss it in your child’s toy box when they’re done playing. Additionally, this helicopter comes with batteries. To activate your helicopter, just remove the plastic piece that keeps it turned off.

Name : Armed Forces Rescue – Army Helicopter

Item No : WY751A
Box size : Width (12cm) x Length (32cm) x Height (19cm)
Weight : 470g
Price : $19.90
Inventory no :104263
Battery included (3 x LR44)


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