Baby Rattles Toy Set – 10 Pieces





Key Features

  • Made from durable plastic material
  • Helps strengthen baby’s sensory skills
  • Develops gross motor skills
  • Eco-Friendly and safe for kids
  • Helps baby recognise different colours and various shapes

Items included in the Package :
10 Rattle toys. The baby rattle toys are what you need to provide your baby with entertainment and supporting aid for their development. Consisting of various toys with a wide range of size, sounds, shapes, colours and textures, the baby rattle toys are believed to be able to encourage your baby’s cognitive, sensory, and motor-skill stimulation while playing with it. With its super nice design which allows you to bring it in your travel size easily, now you can bring the baby rattle toy anywhere without worrying how to manage it in one place.

Name : Baby Rattles Toy Set – 10 Pieces

Item No : K225D
Packing size: Length (27cm) x Height (24cm)
Weight: 230g
Price : $8.90
Inventory no : 101950


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