Fun Fire Truck for Kids & Toddlers



Product Feature:

One of the best things about this truck is that your child can play with it both inside and outside. It has strong wheels that can even withstand harsher terrain in a park or on the playground. It’s excellent for building fine motor skills and giving the child a permanent toy they can devote their time to. Green Toys have made an excellent approach in focusing on eco-friendly packaging. Both the fire truck and the packaging are made out of recycled, biodegradable materials. The truck is also FDA approved by being safe for your child, in addition to benefiting the environment. The dimensions of the truck are also perfect for all age groups, including even toddlers. Your child will have no problem lifting the truck up and carrying it around.

Name : Fun Fire Truck

Item No : 8002
Box size : Width (16cm) x Length (26cm) x Height (19cm)
Weight : 690g
Price : $19.90
Inventory no : 103683


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