Little xylophonist


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Product Description :

  • Made with 100% non-toxic material. Completely safe for kids. They will play with it for hours and have unlimited fun
  • No batteries needed. Unlike the cluttered battery operated toy, this one is unique and gives finest sounds.
  • Xylophone with piano musical toy improves your kids’ sound perception and intelligence, auditory senses and thinking.; Gives out a crisp sound when pressed with hands or with 2 mallets. This helps kids to use their limbs and learn sounds in a very interactive and interesting way. The sound from the xylophone is natural sound without any alternations.

Name : Little xylophonist

Item No : 2823
Box size : Width (7cm) x Length (39cm) x Height (28cm)
Weight : 830g
Price : $19.90
Inventory no : 104209


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