Lovely baby belinda




Name : Lovely Baby Belinda

Product Description : 
A cute doll with expressions in the stomach, eyes and mouth that can move and make sounds like a real baby. The right hand when pressed the baby will hold it, in a sitting position if pressed on the baby’s chest, it will laugh and talk “mammy I LOVE YOU” and if the milk bottle is placed in the mouth then the baby will hear the sound of suckling. Uses 4 pcs AA batteries (recommended using alkaline batteries) Toys with a combination of rubber and fabric. Height 43 cm

Item No : 68017
Box size : Width (14cm) x Length (28cm) x Height (46cm)
Weight : 1.050kg
Available colours : Light Pink, Dark Pink
Price : $34.90
Inventory no : 103052
Required 4 AA Batteries (not included)


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