Magic Drawing Board




Product Description :

This is a magical drawing, writing, painting board for little genius, preschoolers and nursery kids. They can enjoy painting in 4 different colors on the board. There are 3 different patterned stamps attached for more fun. This magic drawing board helps a child’s imagination run wild. The child is able to express themselves through art which helps build creativity and dexterity.
The drawing board is made up of exclusively High Quality Durable non Toxic ABS Plastic with well molded and rounded corners for a safe playtime for little hands on work. Easy to erase Hold on moving button. Attached Pen for an easy to write experience for soft hands. It is crafted in a size which is perfect for the starters. The Drawing Board is feather weighed so that the kids can easily hold and carry along while playing without much effort.
Parents can stay longer with their children by drawing or writing games, also can take children go out to enjoy more nature with this doodle pad,to promote parent-child relationships. This magnetic drawing board is perfect as a birthday, Christmas, holiday gift as well as a bonus.

Name : Magic Drawing Board

Item No : 628-52
Box size : Width (4.5cm) x Length (47.5cm) x Height (30cm)
Weight : 660g
Price : $19.90
Inventory no :104253


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