Potty Pot for Toddlers Portable Magic-Potty & Stool 2 in 1

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plastic 2 in 1 portable foldable child toilet stool
product size 26.5X 25X 5 cm
suitable for children aged 1-6 years,
can weigh 20 Kg.
There are 24 plastic bags in
a multipurpose pot. That can be used as a potentiometer for carrying on the go Or use at home (Buy accessories) or as a toilet seat to train children to use the bathroom themselves. No problems with unclean bathrooms. Free from sanitation No problem finding a bathroom for your loved ones on the go. Whether it is daily travel Or traveling Overnight Or even use regularly in the bedroom to practice waking up to the bathroom at night for children. Easy to use, lightweight, foldable, small, easy to carry, can be used in the car. Or can be put in a diaper bag
Can be used with waste plastic bags

Weight : 800g

Item No :  B068


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