Repair Tool Set Simulation Trolley Suitcase Pretend Play Set with Music and Light




Product Description :

  • 1.Toddler Toy Tool Set: This toy tool set contains many accessories he or she needs, including toy drills, toy hammers, nails, nuts, screws, etc. Designed for young children to improve their imagination and hand-eye coordination.
  • 2.Quality and safety: The quality of the product is always the top priority of the toy. Each product is made of high-quality raw materials. It will not be deformed or discolored due to long-term use for many years. Therefore, your child can pass it to his or her siblings and it will behave as well as the new one. In addition, we will ensure that every accessory will not have sharp edges.
  • 3.Portability and durability: The sturdy plastic case provides good protection for your child’s favorite tools to prevent damage caused by collision when carrying. Toy kits will resist throwing, dropping, or bumping your child around while playing and pretending. This situation also encourages your child to keep his or her toy tools organized.
  • 4.Realistic tool function: The pretend drilling tool actually provides realistic drilling noise when the button is pressed, and the tape measure is also full and realistic, making it an excellent learning tool. This means your little child can imitate mom or dad excitedly and work around the house.
  • 5.An ideal gift for young children: Toy tools are the best gift options for your child to use on road trips, camping trips, playground visits or vacations. It is recommended to bring endless joy to children over 3 years old.

Name : Repair Tool Set Suitcase

Item No : L666-35A
Box size : Width (18.5cm) x Length (20cm) x Height (22cm)
Weight : 1kg
Price : $29.90
Inventory no :104242
Battery included


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